STOP KISS- Rolling Die Productions/Players Ring

The Player’s Ring Theater in Portsmouth, NH is a black-box theater that produces original work from local playwrights. Whereas the community is 3 times larger than my city, decisively more liberal and affluent many aspects of the community reflect my own MidWest experience. I have placed this play on my reading list.

Caught In The Act


presented by The Players Ring/Rolling Die Productions

directed by Todd Hunter

In 1998, when playwright Diana Son’s STOP KISS first debuted at the Public Theater In New York, the idea of equal rights for the LGBT community was little more than a blip on the social radar.

In 2004, when STOP KISS was first produced at The Players Ring, things were a little better. But not by much.

Due in part to the efforts of artists like Son, it’s evident that while ideas may have changed, there remains a troublesome gap in how both the law and society extends rights and protections to those who identify as not being part of that fabulous fiction we’ve come to regard as “the mainstream”.

In STOP KISS, Son provides a provocative treatise on how sexual and gender roles are regarded, and how much work is left to do to ensure that…

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