About: Will It Play Here

This blog will analyze plays in reference to their possible production in my local theatrical venues. What is acceptable, even expected, on Broadway stages and regional theatres in the last 20 years has fast outdistanced the acceptability equations of our community in both content and multiculturalism.  With all this in mind, my goal is to find and produce theatre with which my community can identify and by which it can be inspired. . I am ALWAYS looking for suggestions of plays to read. I like to direct play’s that are not stupid . I like cerebral. I’ll take witty. I’ll take well-crafted farce. I’ve got to get it produced here Pleasantville. That often means that nobody dies that anybody cares about. The language can’t go as far as the F bomb (but I’m always pushing!). I refuse to censor scripts. I prefer casts of 10 and under. I prefer plays set ANYWHERE else but The Northeast. I prefer American playwrights. I prefer a time period of 1920 to the present. HERE WE GO!


6 thoughts on “About: Will It Play Here”

  1. Took me forever to get back to you, but I’d love to hear your take on “Arms and the Man” by George Bernard Shaw, “The Foreigner” by Larry Shue, “Moon Over Buffalo” by Ken Ludwig, and “The 39 Steps” adapted by Patrick Barlow. I know, they’re all comedies, but that’s kind of what I’ve been into recently. Anyway, I hope any of this helps and your season goes well!


      1. No worries 🙂 i’m about to start a show here soon myself. I’ll keep an eye out for it when you get a chance. Hope your current projects go well!


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